Long fermented (20 hour plus) yeasted dough from a 'poolish' starter and with the addition of spelt - creates a sweet nutty flavour and bitey crust. Eat hot with good butter for a cheap trip to Paris. Not sourdough!

Baguette “Traditional”

The flavour is achieved by giving a really long fermentation with a tiny amount of yeast. Shaping is finished off by hand so they are all different!

I always suggest people eat by cutting along the angle and toasting - it is beautiful this way (especially for elderly who have trouble with the crust), or putting the whole thing in the oven at 200c for 10-12 minutes, then slicing it on the horizontal and slathering with good butter.

What is a baguette?

The baguette has lots of flavour and a great crust because like the sourdoughs it has been fermented for a long time. It is not sourdough - it uses something called poolish (a yeasted pre-ferment made the day before) for fermentation. A good baguette should be light for its size, with big creamy coloured “open crumb,” and thick chewy crust. The open crumb issue is always the biggest delineation between mass produced baguettes and artisan style, and the open crumb always has an effect on the crust. We use about 20 percent spelt flour in ours.

Nutrition Facts

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