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Long fermented (20 hour plus) yeasted dough from a 'poolish' starter and with the addition of spelt - creates a sweet nutty flavour and bitey crust. Eat hot with good butter for a cheap trip to Paris. Not sourdough!


Sourdough with a golden bubbly caramelised crust and soft open crumb. Should shatter loudly when toasted with a light sour taste.


Spelt is an ancient form of wheat relatively unchanged over time compared to modern wheat varieties. Having said that, it is a type of wheat. It is a temperamental flour to work with, and has a softer gluten that many people can tolerate over conventional wheat and also has less fructose. Hence, it's suitable for those with fructose and some wheat allergies.


An original-recipe seeded sourdough with whole roasted pumpkin, linseed and soaked soy beans for extra protein. Great with both sweet and savory dishes, very moist inside and an excellent toaster.


Soir, or evening in French, is our dark blend of sourdough with wholemeal wheat, wholemeal rye and malted barley flour, which gives it the colour.


The Olive is full of Australian grown Kalamata and green olives and is a sourdough with a golden bubbly caramelised crust and soft open crumb.


Densely packed with figs, apricots, golden raisins and currants soaked in orange blossom water. Sourdough with a touch of cinnamon.


Aged sourdough bagel (not boiled) with loads of seeds in two varieties. They are made with a tiny amount of yeast.

Multiseed has Maldon salt, caraway, linseed, poppy and sesame with a touch of yeast.


Shaped as rolls, these are soft and great for burgers.

Enriched with free-range eggs, poolish, sugar and oil.

Light Rye

With toasted caraway. Classified as a heavier bread because it has 30 percent wholemeal flour including wholemeal wheat and 30 percent wholemeal rye this bread goes great with a bowl of soup and lashings of sweet butter.

Dark Rye

Using 73 percent wholemeal rye flour, puffed millet, oat bran and some spelt, our dark rye is a very moist rye with a huge amount of fibre. It needs to be cut very thinly (about 9mm) or it becomes too heavy and won't toast at all.

Honey Oat

Super low GI from an abundance of oat bran, crushed wheat, linseed and sunflower seeds. 


Made over a three day process our croissant has complex nutty flavours; not entirely sweet. Flaky with an open honeycomb crumb.


Our Babka dough is similar to croissant in that it is yeasted and has layers of butter. We then twist it with the richest chocolate ganache and chocolate buttons, proof and bake!